BlackJack & Color Series - Waterproof (H2O) Controller

$ 25.00

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This is our NEW H2O (waterproof) controller for the BlackJack & Color Series Whips ONLY...   It is RF so there is no "eyeball sensor" that you have to point at like on those cheaper systems.   Another great feature that NO other whip company offers is a coded remote and controller!  This means YOU and only YOU can change your whips because the 2 are synced together.   No more "who changed my whips" moments.

As for installation, it can be mounted virtually anywhere!  It just plugs in place of your standard 3 button inline controller.  And it doesn't have to be hidden neccessarily, because of the sleek black housing.

  • Plug N Play installation
  • Coded Remote Control & Brain
  • Hard Plastic Housing
  • 100% Waterproof - Gel-Filled Housing
  • RF feature
  • 22 Functions (Flashing, Strobing, Fading)
  • 20 Static Steady On Colors to choose from