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Tombstone Series 300 Function Controller

Tombstone Series 300 Function Controller

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Power Cable

Are you ready to have the best optioned LED whips on the market?   With 300 Functions this whip is by far the most advanced whip out there!!!   We specifically designed this LED system and designed a controller that has functions that are so colorful, brilliant, and vivid.   You will definitely be noticed while you are out on your ride!!!  

This is an inline style controller that is 100% waterproof and doesn't have to be mounted in any specific location.   This controller features a remote that can "coded" to ONLY your controller so nobody can change your settings.   Pretty cool, especially at a large event where everyone is running around with a universal controller.  

This is being sold as a replacement or upgrade to the Tombstone Series whips if you already have one.   Remember if you are upgrading, you may need the extension harnesses that are specific to that controller.   You can find those 300 Function harnesses on the Accessories page.  

  • 300 Unique Functions
  • RF Brain and Remote Control
  • Coded Remote Control to Brain
  • Durable Plastic Housing
  • 100% Waterproof Gel-Filled Housing
  • Plug and Play Design




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