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RokPods ~ 4/5/8/10 Pod Kit RGB Color Change Underglow / Accent Lights

RokPods ~ 4/5/8/10 Pod Kit RGB Color Change Underglow / Accent Lights

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Need that "glowing" effect under your SxS, ATV, Jeep or even your daily driver?  Well here is a simple way to dress up whatever your ride may be.  

We offer a 4,5,8, or 10 Pod Kit so you can light up how you want to light up.  But it doesn't stop there...  Because we custom make ALL of our wiring and harnesses, we can set you up with 20 Pods if you wanted.  

Each Pod Kit includes: 6ft Power Cable, OutlawWhips RGB H2O Waterproof Controller, pin connectors, and OutlawWhips RokPod.  The only thing you have to actually wire in is your 12Volt Power Cable. 

The pods come with a 6inch wire on one side of the splitter and 6ft of harness wire on the other side.  OutlawWhips RokPod will allow you to install our RokPod Kit on any vehicle out there.  Light up your boat deck, under your boat,  under your custom truck, and even your SxS or ATV.  All of the components in this RokPod Kit are waterproof.  

  • Tough, Durable Aluminum Housing
  • 100% Waterproof Housing
  • 100% Waterproof RF Remote Control & Brain
  • 22 Function & 20 Steady On Color Change Controller
  • 18 LEDs RGB per RokPod
  • 6in & 6ft Wire Harness on each RokPod
  • "Daisey - Chain" Linkable design



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