Color Series LED Whips

$ 80.00

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These LED Color Series Whips are the siblings to the BlackJack Series Whips...  The under color is unique to any other LED whip in that you get a color option that lets you customize your bike even further!!!  We offer the Color Series Whips in under colors of

Orange / Blue / Neon Green / Yellow Neon Pink / Red 

  The Color Series Whip  is controlled by our RF Waterproof & Coded remote controller and brain.   The Radio Frequency (RF) means that the remote does not have to be in visible sight with the inline remote.  

This controller has these features:

  • 22 Dynamic Functions which include various features of Strobing, Fading, and Jumping in different color combinations.
  • 20 Static Color Functions allow you to select a single color by scrolling with the remote button.   Choice of RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, PINK, PURPLE, WHITE, ORANGE, and various shades of those colors.
  • Automatic Play Feature
  • On/Off Feature
  • Speed Adjustment Feature
  • Brightness/ Dim Adjustment